Junior 2: Crazy for God

We had a fantastic week at Junior 2! We had the opportunity to be silly and out of the ordinary while having a lot of fun. This was the last day of camp and it’s certain that many campers and leaders will take a cue from the Mango song and relax. Our week was packed with epic wide games, teachable moments in skill time, and in case you didn’t know, we re-wrote Manitou history. There’s a legend that the beginning of Manitou Lake Bible Camp actually included Godzilla, pirates, and Ol’ Grandpa Frank.
The highlight for many was our time at campfire. We had two campfires this week and I was encouraged by all the campers that shared during these times. We got to share many stories of how we met Jesus and who we are going to share Him with when we go home. That is awesome!
Thanks to everyone for a great week!
Program Director

Junior 2 Review Photo