“We exist to make disciples of Jesus Christ, in partnership with the local church through a Biblically grounded camp ministry”

Core Values

  1. This is God’s ministry– We prayerfully seek and follow His direction and fully trust in His provision.
  2. Making Disciples of Jesus Christ –We share the exciting truth of Jesus through Bible centered teaching, mentorship and servant leadership.
  3. The Local Church –We value the partnership of the local church as a community for campers to further grow in their faith and as a vital support network for the ministry. As we work together in making disciples, we will likewise support and encourage the church.
  4. Ministering to the whole person – We are a place of unconditional love, morality and meaningful and relevant activity. Our programs show we care about the whole person, their family and community.
  5. Witness for Christ to all – We strive to minister to all people involved in the camp ministry by modeling the character of Christ in all things.
  6. Volunteers – We recognize that the camp is most effective with a strong team of volunteers. We encourage and help our volunteers to identify, develop and use their spiritual gifts.
  7. Stewardship –We recognize God’s gracious provision and therefore will be good stewards of all that He has entrusted to us, including transparency in all our financial dealings.


We will be a strategic force in reaching the lost across our Midwest region with a clear presentation of the gospel and providing accessible and effective opportunities for further growth as a disciple of Christ

  • people leave changed – those who serve with us and those who attend our programs.
  • progressive in our camp ministry in terms of spiritual focus and teaching, quality of staff, facility, and program
  • a catalyst of discipleship across this region – working together with churches to evangelize, disciple, and plug campers into a church in their community
  • equipping of local churches to make disciples by providing training opportunities, service opportunities and a facility for hosting ministry events