Last summer we launched a dining hall expansion project.  The need for this project to happen has been more and more evident as we continue to look after our volunteers who help to make the summer camp program happen.  The expansion to our main building will allow us to better host our volunteer teams who serve each week throughout the summer, instead of choosing only 3 to stay comfortably we will have the capacity to host the whole group of volunteers.  The expansion will add more suites, a front entrance and reception area, a large meeting area upstairs and a full basement for future development. Our goal is to be in close partnership with the church as we reach campers and their families and we regularly get inquiries from church groups who are looking for a facility to host retreats. This would be just another great way to do that.  We do currently host some of these retreats but our current capacity forces us to a very small group size (if they all want to sleep in beds) or to sleep on the floor.  In this scenario retreaters end up eating, sleeping and meeting all in one room for the weekend.  We can do better than this and this next step will help us get there.   We obviously need people to partner with us financially to make this happen and if you would like to discuss it over a coffee, please let me know and I would be more than happy to meet with you!


We have recognized a growing need to look after our volunteers who serve tirelessly preparing meals and doing maintenance and for more space to host winter retreats, church groups and our staff training events. With this in mind, the board has begun a project to add a 3600 sq. ft. addition onto our current dining hall facility. It will include 6 more rooms, a front reception area, meeting room, large group meeting space upstairs and basement for future     development. With this addition, we will have a year round facility that is well equipped for ministry for 12 months a year.


Picture1Dining Hall Addition Project 1



The fundraising for this project will be broken down into 3 phases:

Phase 1—$200 000    ——  Excavation → Lock-up

Phase 2—$200 000   ——  Door and windows, exterior finish

Phase 3—$200 000   ——  Mechanical and interior finish


TOTAL = $600 000