75th Anniversary Sermon Audio

George Budd2015 marks the 75th Anniversary of Manitou Lake Bible Camp’s ministry in the Marsden/Neilburg area of Saskatchewan. Founded by a pastor with a burdening on his heart to share the Gospel to his community and a farming family with the sacrificial response of helping him, Lloyd Hanson and Doug Graham began the Manitou Gospel Mission on the Graham farm in the summer of 1940 with nothing but a few farm buildings for meeting places, lofts as sleeping quarters and an attitude of obedience to the call of the Lord.

Three quarters of a century later, Manitou Lake Bible Camp still exists as a testament to the faithfulness of trusting in God and being anchored in His word.Gary Henderson

The theme for 2015, is “Anchored”, and as our guest speaker Gary Henderson winds up the 75th Celebration Week during “Family Camp” (following George Budd’s earlier messages), we’ve made both speakers’ messages available as audio files. You can play these off your computer or download for later, in order that you may be encouraged through their speaking, even if you aren’t able to make it to the event for yourself. Messages will be updated throughout the week as they become available!

What are Extreme Camps?

Extreme Camps

For campers ages 14-18.  Not for the faint of heart.

If you love camp but want to take it to the next level you should check out our extreme options this summer.

Extreme-Camps-Facebook-Picture_04EXTREME DRAMA – Calling all actors, this camp will begin on July 19th and will get down to the business of putting together a full-length stage production.   If being on stage isn’t necessarily your thing there will be experienced leaders helping to build sets, run lights and put together an all-out, well done production.  There will be a Friday night performance for all the extreme campers and parents are invited to come and take this in.  This promises to be a very fun, memorable and stretching experience.

Extreme-Camps-Facebook-Picture_03EXTREME HORSEMANSHIP – If you are an experienced rider, you may find our standard horse skill a little basic.  This week is designed to challenge you and grow your skills as a rider.  This camp will be taking your riding skills out to the wild west as part of the week will be spent on range, something like the good old days.


Extreme-Camps-Facebook-Picture_01EXTREME MARKSMANSHIP – If you are passionate about riflery or archery, this week will be an adventure for you.  You will be given instruction and opportunities to prove you have what it takes to be on the mark.  Our archery range will be new and improved this summer and we are bringing in special guests to instruct in firearms.  There will also be some friendly games of paintball mixed in to the week to challenge you to work as a team and win the prize.

Extreme-Camps-Facebook-Picture_02EXTREME SURVIVAL – this camp will be a genuine experience in surviving out on the land.  We will begin this week at main camp then canoe and hike to our first camp site, learning basic survival and camping skills along the way.  Bear Grylss would be jealous of our nights out on the wild frontier.   Come spend your days being challenged and your evenings around the fire – it will be an unforgettable week.

While there will be a concentration on one area of expertise at these camps there will be lots of other fun camp activities for each group to enjoy.  Come be an extreme camper this summer and you will make memories that last a lifetime!  You can register today under the summer camps tab.



Q.  Will I only be doing the extreme activity all day long at these camps?

A. The extreme camps are designed to take campers through a more in depth experience with their chosen activity.  Campers can expect to spend up to 6 hours per day on their chosen activity.  There will also be other activities planned within each program to make sure that everyone gets a full camp experience.


Q. I am having trouble deciding between and extreme camp and teen camp, how do I decide?  

A.  We are confident that you will enjoy either option as they both offer a fun, action-packed and meaningful week of camp.  If you have been at camp already and found that you were interested in more of a particular activity and you would like to be stretched, then an extreme option might be for you.  We would be happy to discuss more details with you by email or by phone (306)-826-5440.


Q. I’m interested in an extreme camp but I’m not sure if I have enough experience or skill in that area to do it?

A. Of our 4 options this year, the only one that requires previous experience is the horsemanship option.  Campers for this option should be comfortable on horse back and have some basic skills and experience.  If you are unsure, give the office a call and we could discuss it further.  For the other three options our staff will be happy to work with you to develop new skill and experience in a safe and well-supervised environment.

In case you haven’t heard…REGISTRATION IS OPEN

brochuresIn case you haven’t heard,  REGISTRATION FOR OUR SUMMER 2015 is OPEN!  We have some new and exciting things happening this summer.  It’s our 75th Celebration this June 15-19.  We also have our EXTREME CAMPS options available for the first time. If you are wondering what extreme camps are, check them out under the camps tab on our website.  We are also introducing RC RACING to Manitou this summer!  Hope you are excited to join us this summer and bring a friend.  You can register online or by sending us a registration form in the mail.  Either way we look forward to seeing you this summer!

UPDATE – Newsletter, Camp Dates and Other News

gateAs the snow accumulates and the lake is frozen, I can’t help but reminisce about the summer that was 2014!  It was another great year and we are looking forward to 2015 with a lot of excitement.  THANK YOU to all who made this past year of ministry a success!  Without volunteers (cooks, maintenance, shoppers,  boat drivers, riflery instructors, board members, people helping care for our horses etc.) this camp could not run effectively.   There are a few new things coming up this year and we are looking forward to sharing them with you.

Firstly, you may not have seen it yet, but our fall edition of the  MLBC UPDATE fall 2014 newsletter is available to read.  This includes a report from the summer as well as some news items.

We have launched a monthly giving program for those who wish to help support the work at Manitou.  As you may know, we rely on donors support each year to keep our camper fees low while offering an excellent and safe camp experience.  The fees we collect cover about half of our operating expenses and the rest is received through donations!  It’s an amazing and humbling thing to be a part of, but we truly are blessed by generous support from across the region.  If you are interested in the monthly giving program, you can download this partner brochure and call or email Seth with questions.

Our 75th anniversary coming up this next summer and you can stay up to date with details by clicking on the tab on our website.

If you’ve checked on our calendar lately, you will notice that our camp dates for 2015 are up, as well as our spring events.  Keep your eyes open for the launch of registration for our 2015 camps. You will notice that we are launching extreme camps this summer – a week of camp to go all out!  We have extreme drama, extreme horsemanship, extreme marksmanship and extreme survival.  Details on these camps will be coming very soon – under the summer camps tab.

Thanks for your support and involvement at Manitou.  God bless as you head into this Christmas season!

Squirt Camp: The Kingdom that Comes to You

There was fun had by all who came to Squirt Camp 2014! This week was filled with a lot of fun, laughter, and games! We rescued Olaf from melting on the beach, we rescued the cabin leaders when they went “Bananas”, came out of chapel to find a bunch of different animals that we had to catch – like tigers, monkeys, hippos, snakes, and elephants – we even had a water buffalo spraying us as we were playing the game!!!

Our speakers this week were Sarah and Jennifer Wiatr. They had a theme of Kingdom Come and their messages were about how we are all knights and how the King of Kindgom Come wanted us to come to his kingdom to be with him forever. What we need to remember is that this king we are talking about is King Jesus. Jesus wants us to turn to Him and follow Him to his Father’s Kingdom to live with Him forever!

Even though this week was only 3 days long, we were able to build up friendships within because skills, meals, and games were done as a cabin so everyone had lots of time to connect with each other.

I hope everyone had a great week this week – I know I did – and I hope to see you back here next year!

Mel Wallace (Program Director, Squirt Camp)

Squirt Camp Review Photo 1         Squirt Camp Review Photo 2

Junior 2: Crazy for God

We had a fantastic week at Junior 2! We had the opportunity to be silly and out of the ordinary while having a lot of fun. This was the last day of camp and it’s certain that many campers and leaders will take a cue from the Mango song and relax. Our week was packed with epic wide games, teachable moments in skill time, and in case you didn’t know, we re-wrote Manitou history. There’s a legend that the beginning of Manitou Lake Bible Camp actually included Godzilla, pirates, and Ol’ Grandpa Frank.
The highlight for many was our time at campfire. We had two campfires this week and I was encouraged by all the campers that shared during these times. We got to share many stories of how we met Jesus and who we are going to share Him with when we go home. That is awesome!
Thanks to everyone for a great week!
Program Director

Junior 2 Review Photo


We are off to a great start this year at Manitou.   If you feel like you missed your opportunity to register for camp this summer, it’s not too late.  We have some space available for all age groups later this summer.  You can register today by phoning the office or going to and following the directions there!  Hope to see you here this summer!


50+ Camp

Camp is for all ages, including the elderly! On May 30-June 1 we will be having a camp for anyone over the age of 50. There will be hymn singing, fellowship with others, and a concert put on by Touch of Grace. Touch of Grace, a southern gospel trio from Paradise Valley, Alberta, will be playing on Saturday, May 31 at 7:00 pm. Feel free to come out for the whole weekend, or for just part of it!