Preparing for Camp

Arriving at Camp

Each camp begins with registration from 4-5pm on the first day of your child’s camp week. Camp regisitration takes place in the Camp Chapel at the bottom of the hill. Click here for a map and directions to the camp.

What to Bring:

sleeping bag & pillow
sheet to cover mattress
modest swimwear

2 towels
personal necessities
insect repellant
pen & notebook
warm jacket
6 or 7 changes of clothes
2 pairs of footwear
Bible (if you have one)
hat & sunscreen
water bottle

* Please mark all your belongings

It is important that campers bring good outdoor footwear for games and activities. We play various large group games that take place in the bush at camp as well as games that involve lots of running.

Campers may only bring bikes or skateboards to camp if they are going to choose the skatepark as one of their skills for the week.  Squirt campers may not bring these items to camp (we have skateboards available for squirt campers to use).

Teen and Preteen campers may bring paintball markers if they are going to choose paintball as one of their skills.

The camp will lock up bikes, skateboards and paintball markers when these items are not in use. The camp is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items brought to camp. We would encourage you to leave valuable or irreplaceable items at home.

What NOT to bring

Cell phones
Electronic games
Halter tops
Short shorts.

Pick Up from Camp

Each camp except Squirt camp ends on Saturday morning with a closing rally at 10 am (Squirt Camp ends on Friday).  At our Closing Rally we show you a sampling of the activities your child experienced at camp including a highlight video and messages from our camp director and the camp speaker. Following the Closing Rally we provide a lunch at our dining hall at the top of the hill for all campers and their families. Please plan to join us for the Closing Rally and lunch.

Lost and Found

Any Lost and Found items will be on display during our Closing Rally each week.  All unclaimed articles in the Lost and Found will be kept and made available for pick-up at the camp until the end of September.