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Manitou 365

Manitou 365 is a project encompassing our vision for the future of camp! The intentional ministry of camp has always been an important part of the summer for many people, We hope to strengthen this impact by providing mentorship and training to campers through year-round programming. Steps to reach this goal include the purchase of a housing unit for winter accommodations, hiring an additional full-time staff, and construction of a maintenance shop.

We would appreciate your continued partnership with us through prayer and through financial support! If you would like to make a donation towards this goal, it can be made by cheque (made out to Manitou Lake Bible Camp - note Manitou 365 on the memo line) or by the online link below.

Calling all Founders, Builders, and Friends of Manitou

Whether it was the early days of cleaning out the machine shed and bins on the farm to prepare for camp or the countless hours put into building cabins, dining halls, chapels and skill areas or the countless summers spent helping with registrations, horsemanship, waterskiing or cooking excellent meals – this camp was built by many faithful people over many generations who desired to see it succeed in sharing the good news with as many as possible!

Today, we are in an exciting new growth phase moving fully into year-round mentoring and training for youth and adults while continuing summer ministry with excellence. Just like in days gone by, the generosity and time of volunteers, prayer warriors, and donors is essential to see it succeed!

Maybe you’ve been involved in the past and it’s a been while – we would love to reconnect with you and share what God is continuing to do at camp.

Perhaps you had family who were very involved in building and helping at camp and you want to continue their legacy of service and support at the camp – it would be great to have a visit and talk about how to make that happen.

Maybe you’re new to Manitou Lake Bible Camp but are passionate about seeing it move forward to succeed – we want to connect with you to talk about opportunities to begin with us.

Where We Are At Now

After all the prayers, work and fundraising, we are in the building phase for Manitou 365!

The maintenance shop construction is well underway with plumbing and concrete to be installed this spring it will be in service this summer!

Construction on the basement for the housing unit is set to begin this spring with a moving date for the housing unit in early July! Basement finishing and renovations to the housing unit to prepare it for service will take place as soon as funds allow.

This is where we need your help. We are calling on the families of founders, builders, and friends to help us get to the finish line on this project. To finish this project we are needing to raise $129,000 to finish basement construction and finishing. This might sound like a large amount but we are confident that HE will provide through the amazing founders, builders and new friends of Manitou.

If you would like to make a donation towards this goal, it can be made by cheque (made out to Manitou Lake Bible Camp - note Manitou 365 on the memo line) or by the online link above.

If you want more information we would love to connect today – don’t hesitate to call or email the office to arrange a visit!